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Shoju-kempo ryu Hombu Dojo HQ. USA " this website is solely dedicated to Kempo / Kenpo only "

Available for Seminars

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Prof. Larry S.L. Martin is Available for Seminars in the following Martial Arts, Shotokan Karate-do, Okinawan Hawaiian Kempo. on request! the cost would be $10 to $15 per. person  30 or more people! for more info. please contact Prof. Martin @ 401-464-0344 or ( 401 ) 580-4450
About my Seminars I will teach the hidden techniques from Kata. in Kumite or Self-Defense. I will teach the Ghost Techinque from the Shoju-kempo ryu Syatem. if your looking for stright forward, stright up, no nonsence, stright to the point Self-Defense techniques. then you have the right person. but, if your looking for flashy techniques don't even think about calling me! I'M THE REAL DEAL!