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Shoju-kempo ryu Hombu Dojo HQ. USA " this website is solely dedicated to Kempo / Kenpo only "

about our Dojo

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the 1st R.I.Shotokan Karate-do dojo was found by Shihan Christopher J. Dacey 5th Dan in Shotokan & Kempo under Prof. Larry S.L. Martin  in 1997 on Elmwood Ave. in Cranston, Rhode Island. teaching only traditional Shotokan Karate-do, in 2000 we moved to Park Ave. in Cranston where we stayed for 3 yrs. in 2003 we found our new HQ. on Gansett Ave. in Cranston. Shihan Dacey ask Prof. Martin if he would take over and continue teaching classes Prof. Martin agreed and R.I.Shotokan Karate-do became the main HQ. for Shojukempo International. teaching traditional Shotokan Karate-do, Okinawan / Hawaiian Kempo, Aikijujitsu, Pai-Lum Kung-fu and Kobudo ryu. our dojo mybe small. but, we fill it up mostly every nite. Shihan Dacey is the Technical Director for shotokan which he is very well knowledgeable in. Shihan Dacey started training at the age of 21. weeks after he graduated from URI as a Manager for Old Stone Bank in Riverside, Rhode Island. Prof. Martin was teaching at Bradley Hospital gym 4 nites aweek. Shihan Dacey is 40 yr. old now and likes to teach Shotokan then Kempo. but, he can teach Kempo when he wants to. we are the 1st dojo that teaches traditional shotokan karate-do and Okinawan / Hawaiian Kempo together. basic's are still the same. but, the kata are done just alittle bit different.
we practice the Kempo kata called fukyugata ichi, ni. pinan's, and so an so fourth! these are the Original kata from Okinawan Kempo. don't forget that Master Funakoshi wrote a book called ryukyu kempo. Okinawan Kempo to Japanese Shotokan Karate-do Master Funakoshi knew what he was doing!
COMING SOON in 2008!
R.I.Shotokan Karate-do Shoju-kempo ryu HQ.
Providence, Rhode Island