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Shoju-kempo ryu Hombu Dojo HQ. USA " this website is solely dedicated to Kempo / Kenpo only "

Instructors of Shojukempo

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Shojukempo Instructors


Prof. Larry S.L. Martin President Founder, Ceo of Shojukempo, Shojukempo International Martial Arts Association HQ. USA. Prof. Martin holds the rank of 10th Dan in Shojukempo, meaning Sokedai founder of the family or ryu ( style ) he has the title of Grandmaster. but, he rather be called Prof. or Master with 41 yrs. of Martial Arts training with well known Grandmasters, Masters, Prof. Martin has learned a great deal from the lot of them.
Grandmaster William R. Gregory founder of Kajukenpo
Prof. Nick Cerio founder of Nick Cerio's Kenpo
Great Grandmaster George Pesere founder of New England Kenpo / Kempo
Grandmaster Dr. Daniel K. Pai founder of Pai-Lum Kung-fu
Grandmaster Ed Parker founder of American Kenpo
Sijo Victor " Sonny " Gascon founder of Karazenpo Go Shinjitsu. all of these Grandmasters are Kenpo / Kempo influenced. the man who Introduced Kempo to the main lands and Hawaii was Great Grandmaster James Mitose founder of Kosho ryu Kempo. as you go on you will learn more about this great Arts of Kenpo /Kempo. enjoy!


This 19 yr. old started at the age of 2 yrs. old. now he is the youngest 5th Dan in the country in Kempo. this 3 time N.E. Kumite Champion has won in kumite 2003, 2004, 2005 3 gold medals. and is rising to the top very fast. his father is Prof. Larry S.L. Martin.


Sempai Paul Connelly a former TKD student from Sensei David Carbone of Cho's TKD. Sempai Connelly came to Prof. Martin to leran Kempo & Shotokan Kraate-do the traditional.way, Sempai Connelly teaches Kempo & Shotokan Karate-do to younger students. this man is a great help at the Hombu Dojo.


Shihan Fernando Restrepo a student from the Fred Vallarie system. now training in the Kajukenpo and Shojukenpo system under Hanshi Larry S.L. Martin, Shihan Restrepo is the 1st Latin to have a dojo in Central Falls, Rhode Island under the Shojukempo / Kajukenpo family! Shihan Restrepo is the National Latin Director for Shojukempo International.


Hanshi Dr. Robert M. Handley is the Co. founder of Shojukempo a student in Shotokan Karate-do and Kempo. now teaching in Willington Del. he is the Soke of the International Ryukyukai Karate Association and Vice President of Shojukempo International! Hanshi Martin and Dr. Handley have been friends for over 30 yrs!


Kyoshi Mike Trott Certified in Aikijujitsu and a student of Prof. Larry S.L.Marin in Shojukempo. Prof. has known Kyoshi Trott since he was 10 yrs. old a true Martial Artist and a good friend. Kyoshi Trott is certified to teach Shojukempo in Kalispell, MT. he Served as a USMC Marine force recon scout/sniper.


Sensei Mildred Auty is the 1st Female Black Belt under Hanshi Larry S.L. Martin in the Shojukempo syatem. she is teaching in Tenn. Sensei Auty is the President & founder of Martial Art Women Against Domestic Violence. Prof. Larry S.L. Martin is Co. founder


Kyoshi Raheem Bay Haqq Darden a student under the late Maestro Jock Taylor in Nisee Goju. has been under Prof. Larry S.L. Martin since he was 14 yrs. old. he to is one of the Co. founders of Shojukempo! Kyoshi Raheem is the East Cost Director for Shojukempo.


Sijo Samadd Haqq Darden Co. founder of Shojukempo another student of the late Maestro Jock Taylor in Ni See Goju. has been under Prof. Larry S.L. Martin since the age of 22, Sijo Samadd teaches in N.J. Sijo is Shojukempo's International Director for Kickboxing.


Sempai Allison Duquette a former student in Kenpo now training under Prof. Larry S.L. Martin. Sempai Duquette is the 2nd female Black Belt under the Shojukempo system. this young lady mother and house wife is from the old ways of Kenpo. when classes were very hard, you ether got your butt kicked or you gave a butt kickin.


Sensei Thomsd Duquette Asst. Instructor. this Instructor came from Shorin ryu Karate-do with 6 years of knowledge under his belt.


Sensei Richard Briehof Jr. he and Prof. Martin have been friends since Richard was 16 yrs. old. Sensei hasn't been to the Dojo lately due to a new baby girl in the family. Sensei Briehof's daughter trains under Prof. Martin's son Renshi Jeramy Devlin-Martin.


Sensei Ed Marsello trained under Master Martin in 1982 at Davies Vol Tech High School in Lincoln, Rhode Island. a Certified Instructor under Master Martin.