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Shoju-kempo ryu Hombu Dojo HQ. USA " this website is solely dedicated to Kempo / Kenpo only "

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Renshi Jeramy E. Martin - Devlin, Hanshi Larry S.L. Martin, Kyoshi Mike Trott. Kyoshi Trott is from the 2nd Generation of Shojukempo. to sum it all up Shojukempo was found in the late 70's. but, Hanshi Martin, Hanshi Handley, Sijo Samadd Haq and Kyoshi Darden desided and agreed on Shojukempo in 1980. the real people that should get the credit is Hanshi Martin's students from the Kajukenpo Dojo in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. but, the 4 Horsemen that are responable for bringing Shojukempo to life are:
Grandmaster Larry S.L. Martin 10th Dan founder of Shojukempo ryu.
Grandmaster Robert M. Handley 9th Dan Co. founder of Shojukempo ryu.
Grandmaster Samadd Haq Darden 9th Dan Co. founder of Shojukempo ryu.
Kyoshi Raheem Bay Haq Darden 8th Dan Co. founder of Shojukempo ryu.